COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

COSHH Course Description The course covers the practical use and importance of knowing the regulations about Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COHH) and how to apply procedures and practices in the workplace to protect against injury or illnesses. Control is necessary for many workplaces and applies outside the more hazardous environment from chemicals found in manufacturing and research. Some everyday substances such as paints, oil and toilet cleaners present a hazard. You and your employer are responsible under the law to protect those who are working or could come into contact with these substances. This level 2 course covers the fundamentals of hazard and risk assessment and management. We cover all aspects of the topic including the latest CPL regulations. The course time is four hours and can be taken together with our health & safety courses to make a full day if needed. COSSH Aims and Objectives
  • Identify the responsibilities in relation to COSHH
  • Know the commonly used symbols used to identify potentially hazardous substances
  • Know the basic legislation requirements
  • Show how to protect yourself from hazardous substances
  • Have knowledge of hazardous substance control including substance information sheets/information
  • Produce an example COSHH risk assessment.
Risk Assessment Course Suitability The course is suitable for anyone in a workplace that wishes to keep hazardous incidents to a minimum in any environment from construction to industrial processes to forestry and outdoor education. It is essential for anyone that must undertake risk assessments and for others to give a greater awareness of hazards to assist in the prevention of incidents that could potentially lead to death or injury. Pricing Please contact by email, phone or via our contact form on our Home Page for group pricing. Our public course pricing is £80 per delegate